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Computer Security

Top Companies: This Week's Reviews

Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Services Offered: Computer security software and tools
Company Overview: Netcom3 is located in California and was founded in 1998. The company has over 150 employees, more than 30% of which have graduate degrees or higher. The company is a global leader in computer security software, and has more than 8 million users worldwide.
Our Review: Netcom3 provides great computer security software. The fact that their employees are well versed in the subjects and carry degrees makes you certain that you can trust the company you work with. Their website is easy to use, and the customer support is top rate, which is what you would expect.
User Review: There are so many companies out there offering computer security that it took me awhile to figure out which was best for my needs. However, of all the companies that I considered, Netcom3 seemed to have the best choices and the best service. I like that they have so many professional employees who know what theyíre doing, and their products are amazing.

23 3rd Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803
Services Offered: Computer security software
Company Overview: Acronis was established in 2002. They have thousands of customers who rely on their computer security and data recovery services. The company works with many Fortune 500 clients, and offer server software, data protection, computer security, and data recovery tools. They have won various awards for their products and service.
Our Review: Acronis is a great computer security software provider. They work mostly with business clients, but can also help individual customers as well. Their products are well made, and they offer such a variety that youíre sure to find what you need. The website is simple in its design, and the customer service is really great.
User Review: A friend recommended Acronis to me for my computer security software needs. At first, I was skeptical to buy from a company that Iíd never heard of, but once I checked out their website, I knew they had what I needed. Iíve tried the common products that everyone else uses, and always found them to have problems, so I wanted something new and different, and Acronis was a great choice.

20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
Services Offered: Computer security software and tools
Company Overview: Symantec was established in 1982. They are a leader in the computer security industry, both for personal and business use. They merged with C & E Software in 1984, which kept the company from failing. By 1988, the company offered more than 20 products and their revenue hit $30 million for that year. In the 90ís, Symantec acquired 20 more companies. They now generate more than $5 billion in sales annually.
Our Review: Symantec is an industry leader in the computer security world. Their products, including the Norton suite of products, are well known to many. They have great service coupled with top-rate products, and their reputation precedes them in most cases. The website is very professional, as you would expect, and their products are well worth the investment.
User Review: Iíve always used the Norton Internet Security program offered by Symantec, because it came with my first computer about ten years ago. I love the program, and the customer support is great, too. It might be a little more expensive than some programs, but I think itís well worth it for the great products that you get.

Computer Associates
One CA Plaza
Islandia, NY 11749
Services Offered: Computer security software
Company Overview: Computer Associates, more commonly known as CA, was established in 1976 and now has more than 150 offices in 45 countries. They have over 5,300 developers around the world that work to create cutting-edge software. CA works with over 99% of Fortune 1000 companies, government groups, schools and colleges, and many other companies and individual customers.
Our Review: CA does not have a simple website. We had a hard time finding information and following links that didnít take us where they should have. However, when we investigated the customer use, it turned out to be quite simple. As long as youíre not looking for company information, getting around this site is easy. Their products are some of the best available, though, which might make it worth the effort in many cases.
User Review: Computer Associates wasnít a company I was familiar with until I got internet through my cable company. I got the software free by having internet with the company, and I loved it. Once I moved and switched internet providers, I actually went and bought the software because I loved it so much.
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Computer Security 101:


With so many different computer security products out there, it might be hard to choose which one will work best for you. The first thing that you need to know is although the free download products might be cost-effective, they donít always have all of the features that you need, so you should definitely skip them. Plus, some install so much extra junk onto your hard drive as a way to stay ďfreeĒ, that itís not even worth the hassle of the toolbars, advertisements, and other stuff that gets installed. By taking the time to check out the different products that you can buy, youíll get a better sense of what you need, as well as what you have to choose from. All computer security products are not created equally. While they may seem the same, many have different features or benefits than others, and each company will have different customer service and support. You need to consider why you are buying computer security software to figure out what you need. For example, if you need internet security, you wouldnít buy a program that only protects your hard drive, and vice versa. You should look first for a product that has everything that you need, and then focus on getting that product from a company that you feel safe working with. Some people have a preference over companies, while others just want a good product. The choice is yours to be made in the end. The only choice that you donít have is NOT having a good computer security program. The internet is so full of viruses and hackers looking to take over your computer that using the internet without having a security program is like having a house without locks on your doors. You should take the time to learn about computer security and make sure you and your family are protected from the harmful aspects of internet use at all times.


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